YAYASAN KEMANUSIAAN DA SHENG (YKDS) was established in 2018 as a charitable public welfare organization. Regardless of race, gender and religious beliefs, it promotes humanities and virtues education, helps the disadvantaged group to get out of poverty to jointly build a society of “people’s care and love, propaganda and etiquette”.

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22 Mar
由大圣人文基金会开发的幼教人文课程,提供全套完整的幼教智育、德育和学习区教材与教案,符合培养21世纪关键能力的需要。 欢迎有共同理念者,引进我们的课程,成为我们的合作学校。合作对象包括幼儿园、托育中心、社团学校、公益团体或社区组织。 有兴趣者欢迎联系询问: 电话: 03–8074 6827 电邮:inquiry@ykds.org.m [...]

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