Tadika CC Endau

Tadika CC, Endau.

The Tadika CC Endau is the first subsidiary of YKDS. It is located in Endau, Johor. It was started classes after it completed in 2018. It provides services such as kindergarten, childcare, and supplementary education.

This well-planned Tadika CC is well-equipped and novel in design. It includes a library, music room, handicraft room, game room, swimming pool, 100-meter indoor sports track, etc. It is the most modern kindergarten in Johor.

The Tadika CC Endau offers preschool education for 4 to 6 years old to implement the YKDS’s preschool education philosophy and adopts the YKDS’s eight values, in order to fully implement the humanities education philosophy, aiming at letting children cultivate good daily habits and inspire children to learn happily, master various subjects and activity skills, and help children build a self-confident, studious, and grateful attitude.

The kindergarten will adopt the teaching materials compiled by the YKDS, integrate the "theme and program teaching", plus the novel and unique learning corner curriculum, and make good use of the picture book teaching, in order to achieve the educational goal of "children's independence, game-oriented, and holistic development".

The healthy growth of a child is crucial to their lifelong future, and only when a child grows up happy and joyfully that the child's learning ability be enhanced. Only a happy childhood can create a happy life in the future and create a harmonious society.


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